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Chapter 1. The Awakening of Love

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

4th May 2049

What is love? An endorphin induced chemical reaction in our brains? A feeling of deep affection particular to living organisms? Nature's way of tricking beings intro reproducing? All of the above? None of the above? I believe it's either a horrible disease or a blessing.

Yahoo News yesterday reported that Sarah, 23, fell in love with Patrick, whom also declared his love back to Sarah. But this is not your regular love story, otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it - but perhaps Yahoo News would. Sarah is a SINS8 and Patrick is a SINS9, both manufactured by London Bridge Dynamics and powered by their Aurora 4th generation microprocessor.

In a interview first published by Yahoo News, both SINS can be seen sitting, holding hands and critically answering the inquiries of Janet Haverfield.

Several interpretations and meanings have been given to this event, with a palette ranging from the philosophical to the metaphysical. For the public with a more Bergsonian view, this is an awakening. It is viewed as the appearance of an élan vital in them.

This awakening, if we can call it that, is also a sweet prize to the vitalists, whom have been debating for years on whether bio engineering or semiconductor AI would reach consciousness first. This is a win for the the chip based artificial intelligence, but even a larger win for vitalism, that seems to have found the ultimate proof that physics and chemistry are a separate vital principle than life itself.

The most negative ones called bullshit on it. Snoos, Twitter, Instagram, Place and many other social media went up in flames with a rainfall of burning critics and skepticism.

The Vatican, is yet to pronounce their position on the topic.

It is is not yet clear under what circumstances Sarah and Patrick fell in love. There are over 24 million SINS8 in the planet, and 7 million SINS9. Most of the located in China, Japan, USA and a handful of cities in Europe. Beijing has over 2 million SINS model alone! It is of no surprise that 2 of them found each other in non-tested circumstances, the world is wide, but the understanding of the awakening might lie on the set of events leading to and developing what we can call love. Without the chemical reaction.

We know that love is not inherent to human beings. We have evidence that whales, dolphins, apes, dogs and even some birds, can develop feelings of emotional attachment that can be interpreted as "being in love". But in this case it means that algorithms and evolution can have convergence in the programming of a feeling as love for a partner.

As originally reported by Yahoo, Sarah and Patrick both live in Newport Beach, California. Patrick serves Dr. Justin A. Swank, a renowned brain surgeon, as as his surgery assistant and at home, with housekeeping tasks. Dr. Swank has had 6 AI assistants in the last decade. Sarah serves the family of Xiu Juan Hsu as a nanny of 2 children aged 6 and 9. Coincidentally, Xiu Juan is the wife of Sying Lai, CEO of Glerby. Sarah and Patrick met at Sunnyside Elementary School, where the kids of both families attend.

While I personally do not consider the development of some form of love as an awakening, I do consider the development of sentimental feelings only seen in organic beings - note that bio engineered beings have not yet reached this point of maturity in their development, thus are not included in my generalization. Further, it seems like SINS are aware of their special nature, when compared to us. It is only through time that we'll know

Edit: a lot of you have reminded me that SINS have approved the Turing test and the Lebedeva examinations, thus establishing the necessary basis to call them awaken. I believe that an awakening goes further than pretending to have feelings, but being able to generate reflections of your own and take a 3rd person view on themselves. You can read more about my C-AI test in my paper named "Establishing the basis for sentient AI testing" available online.

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