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Interlude 1. General Intelligence Regulation (GIR2)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Chapter 7 Management of Risks

Article 24 - Location Tracking

1. Taking into account the state of the art, the purpose of the intelligence, the design specifications and life cycle, the fabricant shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure uninterrupted location tracking of all times of all intelligence, organic or electronic.

2. Location shall be provided in accordance to the following specifications:

(a) Geographic location visualized in a live platform.

(b) Geographic location following geographic coordinate system specifications.

(c) Current energy level.

(d) Corresponding Unique Intelligence Identifier (UII) as referred to in Article 2.

(e) System status.

3. Intelligence location shall be accessible at all times to intelligence manager and safeguarded through two factor authentication when in rest, and encrypted when in motion. Supervising authorities have the right to access intelligence location information upon written request to the fabricator's data office under circumstances that pose a threat to the security of natural persons and cases of public interest as referred to in Article 45.

4. Fabricator shall ensure that tracking devices installed in their intelligence comply with the reliability principle and system independence principle ensuring the features, source code and power options unavailable to intelligence, as referred to in Article 10.

5. Fabricator shall take reasonable measures to safeguard the integrity in information processing of the natural persons accompanying an intelligence.

6. Intelligence location shall not include a manual override in the design of the tracking device. The life cycle design of tracking devices shall have a duration of the entire life cycle of an intelligence.

7. Data collected in compliance to this article can be used for other purposes defined by fabricator, and accepted by manager in accordance to Article 12.

8. Any natural person, intelligence or organization that take deliberate actions to affect the performance of an intelligence's tracking device are subject to fines and prosecution as defined in Article 51.

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